Wednesday, March 12, 2014

300 Rise of An Empire - For People Who Love 3D Blood

Finally, After a very long break, I have enough time to watch movies and write about them too! Though I have seen many movies in the past 3 years, let me start with the latest one that I saw last week with my hubby.

300 was an amazing movie with Gerald Butler stealing the show ! 300 Rise of an Empire clearly shows they wanted the audience to experience as much of Live 3D blood as possible with plenty of slash and gore scenes. Though the plot and the graphics were amazing, it was just too 3D for me! No Spoiler Alerts here!

What the Devil Loved:

1. The entire plot on how the Greeks overtook the Persians with their different strategies and how the one Woman almost overpowered them.
2. Eva Green as Artemisia, was pretty good with her cunning portrayal of the avenging Greek from Persia, however I kept wondering if Angelina Jolie could have been better with the fights :)
3. Excellent graphical effects of the movie, though its obvious they wanted to make it as much 3D as possible.

Why 300 stays in Hell:

1.Too much blood that it looked like a tomato ketchup mess after awhile.
2. Sullivan as Themistocles was not able to carry of his titular role as well as Gerald Butler did in 300.
3. Not so much 3D next time??

What adds Fire to the Devil:

1. Did not know Xerxes was so hot before he became GOD :D
2. Eva Green was not a beauty but she would make a very good devil's hand :)

Next in Line: NON-STOP Liam Neeson's other Action Flick of the Year

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