Friday, April 22, 2011

Watch out for the M Word

Mayhem, Musical, Madness, Mystery, Mystical, Myths, Matter ;).. All combine to form the single most important M word - MOVIES! Yes! It controls you, fascinates you, horrifies you, humors you, loves you, and follows you! Wherever you travel,you might not find a good place to eat, a good place to stay, or a good place to sleep, but wherever you go, you can always find a good movie to watch!

A statement that has always been a hot topic for discussion - Do movies control us or do we control them? Downloads, Theatres, CDs, DVDs, Movie Channels, etc ensure films reach us wherever we go! Though some of us hate to admit it, we can never pass a day without watching at least a scene, a trailer or a song from a movie.

I am an avid follower of good, bad, ugly and controversial films! Frankly speaking, movies are an integral part of my life! All our good plans start with a movie in the theater and ends with a horror film night at home! 2TB Hard Disk, 300 GB in my Laptop, HD TV with Record, WD and countless number of DVDs and VCDs ensure that I do not miss any of the movies that make a mark for the right or wrong reasons in the world of cinema.

My blog consists of my personal reviews, opinions and criticism of the many many movies that I have watched over the years! My collection of movies are mainly horror, thriller, mystery and action with a small dose of comedy and romance.

I am open to comments, debates and opinions from your side!  Feel free to share what you feel about the dimpled devil that will be closely watching the surreal world of cinema !!! 


  1. Looking forward to your reviews :)

  2. Thanks :) Please dont forget to leave your comments :)

  3. hey didnt u were bloggin de!!! nice :)